Zion 100k

Race Report 2022 (The full version)

Our group from Observation Point
Ready to start!
Sunrise from along the dirt road. Everyone was stopping to take pictures.
The first dirt road section.
The terrain we were running over
The view from the end. Everyone was stopping for pictures.
A rock formation on the first mesa loop
View (taken later) from the top of the hill
My mango slushie and pretzel.
Heading out with Kyle
The underwhelming river.
Running along the road — it was actually on the shoulder not much further than this.
Our crew having their own car-related adventure.
To make the terrible hill even worse, you can see it from super far away. The kind of s-shaped tan line just left of center on the hill is the trail we took up/down. This picture is taken from the road section several miles away.
The lower section of the hill. It’s hard to tell just how steep it is from a picture, but it really is.
The sketchy gravel section
banana Nutella sandwich
The dirt road back to the crew access point
Pickle juice shot!
With the crew (right) and my two pacers (left). Thanks all!
Both Elena’s and my favorite picture from this section.
Along the first mesa before it got dark
Thanks Zion!
  • I should heat train more — even if I don’t think that I’ll need it.
  • I should make sure that my crew has instant ramen available.
  • Even if the elevation profile on a course looks easy, it can still be really hard.
  • The human body is amazing, and even if you don’t think you can do something, you still probably can.
  • My pacers/crew were amazing and I’m not sure how well I’d be able to do without them (although I guess I’ll find out at my next 50-mile race, where I’ll have one crew member and no pacers).



Principal Software Engineer & ultra runner @SplitSoftware

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