Quicksilver 50k Course Description

Joy Ebertz
2 min readOct 26, 2021

I recently ran Quicksilver 50k which takes place in a park not too far from where we live. It’s also the same race that I ran my first 100k at (and predictably repeats half of the 100k course). As I was running this race, I had a lot of memories come to me on various sections of the course and new experiences as I went. So instead of a race report, or anything like that, I just want to record an approximate chronicle of what I call the various sections of the trail either based on past experiences or on experiences from this race (or in some cases, like the rollers, both).

This is my no filter, no explanations course description:

Wow, people are going up this hill kind of fast. Am I going too fast?

I wonder if I’ll see Greg.

Skeleton in the cemetery. Nice.

Aid station where I know everyone!

The “super technical” downhill.

The hacienda rollers suck. A lot. Every time.

I know who to blame if I get lost!

I’m sure glad they cut the scrambling section from the course.

I hope I don’t make Elena late for her concert.

Bull Run popsicles are magical.

Don’t go around the lollipop twice. Seriously, don’t.

Cory buys a house.

Where is this aid station!?

Yonas is very sad about how slowly I’m going.

Is there any water left in that reservoir? 😢

WHAA! That’s two bobcats on the trail!

Yonas tells me I have to actually keep moving.

No, this isn’t actually the top of the hill.

Don’t tease me about milkshakes.

No, this STILL isn’t the top of the hill despite the fact that everyone at the aid station tried to tell you that it is.

If I just keep going and let the hill carry me down, I’ll be done faster.

I can see the finish line, but wow, that tiny pimple of a hill just made my legs cramp up.



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